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How To Write A CV That Creates Impact

CV Hints and Tips

      • Try to keep it to 2 pages, 3 maximum.
      • Split into 4 sections and use subheadings; Personal Details, Employment History,
         Qualifications and Interests.
      • Always put in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent first.
      • If there are any gaps in employment - add an explanation.
      • Keep statements factual giving good examples of experience gained.
      • Remember to include contact details including daytime contact number and personal email
      • Spell check and proof read - ideally get a trusted eye to proof read too.
      • Concentrate mainly on current/last job.

      • Include a photo.
      • List irrelevant personal information, e.g. names of children/pets.
      • Add very general statements without giving examples, e.g. I am an excellent teamplayer.
      • Invent hobbies/interests that can catch you out - be prepared to embellish on them at

For further assistance on drafting your CV please contact us.

Interview Techniques

Job Interview - Hints and Tips:

      • Prepare thoroughly - find out as much as you can about the firm and Interviewers; obtain
        a copy of their brochure, annual report and marketing literature; read their website and
        linked websites, e.g.
      • Prepare answers to questions you may be asked (see below).
      • Conduct a mock interview with someone who will give honest feedback.
      • Dress smartly and appropriately - remember the Interviewer will form an opinion on you very
        quickly and only 7% will be based on what you say, the rest will be on how you look, act and
      • Take enough copies of your CV for yourself and all Interviewers.
      • Check out the venue beforehand - know where it is and how long it will take to get there
        including parking.
      • A good firm handshake instills confidence and is very important - practice if necessary.
      • Avoid complaining about current/former employer or colleagues - you may be seen as a
        gossip or troublemaker.
      • Do not raise discussions regarding salary in the early stages.
      • Be positive about yourself and your experiences - but do not waffle.
      • Maintain eye contact with all Interviewers.
      • Remember to switch off your mobile.

Questions You May Be Asked In An Interview

      • What are your reasons for leaving your current firm?
      • What do you know about us?
      • What do you like and dislike about your current role?
      • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
      • What is your major achievement?
      • What motivates you?
      • Where do you see yourself in 2/3/5 years time?
      • How would your boss/team describe you?
      • What are your current financial targets and are you achieving them?
      • What do you think are the major problems/opportunities facing the legal profession?
      • What are your interests outside of work?
      • Why should we offer you the position rather than one of the other candidates?

Suggested Questions To Ask In An Interview

      • How has this role arisen?
      • Who will I report to? Where does he/she fit in the structure?
      • Who will report to me? How experienced are they? (if relevant)
      • How would you describe the culture of the firm? E.g. Open door policy?
      • Who do you consider are your main competitors?
      • Can you tell me about the firm's plans to expand?
      • What are the long-term prospects for the successful candidate?
      • How do you appraise the performance of your staff?
      • What are the chargeable hours targets for fee earners per week/day?
      • When will you decide on the appointment?
      • What is the next step? 2nd interview?
      • Do you have any concerns about progressing my application/offering me the position?
        (allows the chance to address any concerns they have)

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Please note this letter is purely for guidance and you should seek your own legal advice where necessary.

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